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3 Tips to Cut Online Distractions at Work

The internet can save us so much time, but it is also a source of tempting time wasters. From the latest adorable cat or baby video to the latest sports scores, there are a plethora of options to pull you away from work. Even the tools we use at work can be misused to eat away at our time.
Following these tips will save you time without unplugging completely.

Disable notifications.

Many programs have a color notifier, popup window, or sound alert to let you know something new has happened. These notices can be helpful, but they also pull your focus away from whatever you are currently doing. How many times have you gotten a notification that you have new mail and dropped whatever you were doing to rush off and check your mail only to find out it was spam or otherwise of low priority? Eliminate the notifications and eliminate the interruptions.


Be aware of your time.

It is unrealistic to think you won’t ever be tempted to check out Facebook or your stock portfolio during work. You are only human! But those sites can be time wasters if you don’t keep an eye on how long you use them. Treat them like coffee breaks for the mind.

Limit your checking.

Email is a great way of communicating but constantly checking your inbox can make it more of a distraction than a useful tool. You likely get many emails a day, but very few that are essential or urgent. Limiting how often you check your email, or even limit yourself to specific times of day to check your email will allow you to process them more efficiently. This way you can decide which ones truly warrant your time instead of dealing with them immediately as they arrive. Using this approach will help you stay focused on other, higher-priority tasks.



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