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5 Tips for Managing Yourself During Times of Change - Part 2 Build Personal Value

 Change is always happening, but there are some periods in the life of an organization where its impact may be felt more acutely. Some fear these times, but a leader knows that change is inevitable. While workloads and transitions may cause stress, a leader needs to keep her head, in order to assist others and set a good example of how to thrive with change. These next five tips point to how leaders need to be flexible in their approach to people and situations, in order to allow a solution to form.
1. Gather information through questions and research. Don't go to meetings uninformed, and expected questions about the change when you interact with your teams.
2. Be as productive as you can in your current role. Focus on organizational and record-keeping tasks, so that you are prepared to hand off current responsibilities to someone else. Be ready to demonstrate your competence.
3. Give new ideas a chance. Don’t form quick judgments on new relationships. Keep an open mind.
4. Take on new tasks as a means to upgrade your knowledge and skills where necessary. Try to continue being seen as a valuable, flexible team member.
5. Consider contacting your organization’s resources, such as counselors and mentors to pair up and continue through the transition. Help is usually available if looked for.



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