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5 Ways to Build Rapport in the Digital Age

 Building rapport is a critical step on every sales call, whether for a new prospect or a long time client. You do this by:
Making the first few minutes count.
The most important contact point is what you say first when you meet with a buyer, face to face or digitally. This is true for every meeting -- even with customers you have known for years.
Exchanging pleasantries.
Keep pleasantries short but pointed at the beginning of a presentation.  Talk briefly about something your client is interested in, and never underestimate the power of a personal connection.
Doing your homework.
You need to show that you understand the issues new prospects face.  Begin your sales call or online conference with evidence that you can help them, based on what you have done for other clients, to establish credibility.
Focus on client benefits, not facts.
Build a slide early on in your online presentation that supports your initial benefit statement from the client's perspective. Get to the point quickly.
Be upbeat.
Grab people's attention in a positive way and use that as a bridge to your opening agenda statement or slide.
Rapport is about positive connections. Make your online presentations fun and memorable!



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