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5 Ways to Stand Out--And Increase Your Value--During Downsizing or Organizational Change

Organizational change is a constant reality of today's workplace. New technology, innovation, and economic conditions all contribute to an ever evolving workplace. During times of change it is important to stand out and increase your value. In times of uncertainty your ability to show value can mean the difference between having a job or not. Here are 5 ways to stand out and show your value during times of organizational change.


Create Opportunities For Yourself

The number one rule during downsizing is becoming essential. So raise your hand when volunteers are called for. But beyond that, offer skills you already have or show interest in learning new ones, even when you’re not asked. Particularly if you’re a "mature" employee, showcasing digital talents (like creating a blog or website) will quell any fear of an aversion to or lack of knowledge of technology. And that itself might keep your position off the chopping block.

Ask To Be On The Restructuring Team

Again, if you’re crucial to any transitions happening at your corporation, chances are you won’t be let go during them. Ask your boss how you can help with the actual restructuring. He or she just might be grateful for the help--and show it when it comes time to make downsizing decisions. Even if you can’t join the restructuring team, you’ve shown your commitment to the company just by volunteering. It might not help--but it can’t hurt to try.

Be Very Visible

What projects are primary to your organization and it’s goals, during restructuring and beyond? Get on those assignments, and you might be put on a shortlist of people who will stay on. You’ll need to network internally to figure out which projects are essential, and find out who is spearheading each. Then, you can volunteer your expertise towards those particular projects.

Network With Care

It’s a smart idea to increase your networking efforts externally when downsizing is imminent. It’s the first step to getting a new job if yours is slashed. But avoid mentioning the downsizing or showcasing that you’re looking to leave on social media--which could have you out the door sooner than you’d like if your company reads your announcements. Publicly (via Twitter, etc.) expand your network. Privately and discretely (via email, phone calls and in person), network for a new job.

Maintain A Professional Attitude

Avoid gossiping about the changes ahead or displaying a negative attitude day-to-day. You’ll also need to shy away from entering into office politics on email, which may be monitored by the company. In other words, don’t discuss anything online in a way you wouldn’t in front of your manager.



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