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6 Tips for Leading Virtual Meetings

 As virtual teams become more common, it can be a challenge to transition to virtual meetings. Without the benefit of face-to-face interaction and non-verbal cues, it’s difficult to assess your team’s overall feeling and engagement. Here are some surefire ways to keep your virtual meetings effective.
  1. Send any necessary materials at least 24 hours in advance. Give your team enough time to review your agenda and any supplemental meeting materials. This will provide your team with adequate time to prepare their thoughts and action items.
  2. Encourage and recognize participation. Nobody likes a lecture: make sure to provide plenty of opportunities for your team to ask questions and weigh in with their ideas and concerns. Recognize each contribution and show appreciation for their thoughts.
  3. Start each meeting at least 10 minutes early. Welcome everyone individually as they log on and engage in small talk or ask personal questions in order to build trust and keep your team engaged from the start.
  4. Use visuals and interactive tools. Visuals help to illustrate your points and keep your presentation from becoming monotonous, while interactive tools can introduce some fun into your meeting, keeping your team engaged and on their toes.
  5. Start and end on time. This forces everyone to stick to the agenda. Nothing kills engagement like a late or overly long meeting.
  6. Email action items and due dates after the meeting. Have someone keep minutes (it’s a good idea to rotate this responsibility) and contact everyone with the various action items and deadlines discussed during the meeting.



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