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2017 has begun. 

We have experienced economic slow growth, downturn and even crisis across multiple industry sectors for many years; the 2017 horizon looks like another continuation of the same difficult times – if not, possibly worse.  Rising costs, reduced margins, losses, customer pressures, missing targets and stress from bad work or business relationships, seem to cloud most of our daily, monthly and yearly visions.  Many uncertainties from macro global and regional situations are out of our control, such as BREXIT, Trump administration, China’s Terrex blowout on Singapore, Nuclear threat from North Korea and ISIS Middle-East…  The only certainty that economic recovery is not on this year’s agenda.

Our KPIs remain the same; if not, maybe even higher for some of us.  Our senior leadership has trusted us with meeting these KPIs. Our team is looking at us for leadership to overcome these challenges. 


We may have some ideas, and yet, there are still uncertainties.  We look around and wonder if we’re alone.  We wonder about the plans conjured – Are they good enough?  Among the uncertainties, are we certain of the formula brought us success can continue to tide us through these challenges?


According to Dr. George Labovitz, CEO of Organizational Dyanmics, and author of "The Power of Alignment", aligned organizations outperformed misaligned organization 100% of the time.  In this one-day workshop, we will explore how we can adapt personal patterns and mindsets to the challenging situation that we and our organization face.  We will also look at ways to strengthen and align individual and team performance levels, leverage on our team to solve problems and enhance decision making capabilities.





Dale Carnegie
1 HarbourFront Place
#01-09 HarbourFront Tower One
Singapore, 098633
+65 6220 3836

Who Should Attend

New to mid-level team managers, and individual contributors


  • Understand the connection between how we think, feel, and behave

  • Demonstrate greater effectiveness through improved emotional intelligence

  • Maintain emotional control in difficult situations

  • Create common purpose for team members

  • Examine the values that govern team interactions

  • Create a unifying team vision

  • Create a team environment of mutual support

  • Commit to principles for building teamwork

  • Define the challenge of change

  • Commit to principles for adjusting to change

  • Adjust our personal patterns and attitudes

  • Create a "Meeting of the Minds" by utilizing a "Green Light/Red Light" model

  • Use the Interrelationship Digraph to identify root problems

  • Employ creative thinking to gain innovative solutions

  • Determine the best approach to make decisions


1 HarbourFront Place #01-09, HarbourFront Tower One, 098633, SG
P:+65 6220 3836

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