Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Five Tips for Delegating with Understanding

 At its heart, delegation is about training others on a career path and developing useful skills.
You can accomplish this by:
  1. Selecting the right task for the right person. Always choose tasks that are challenging, but within reach of the people you wish to develop.

  2. Being clear about outcomes. When considering delegating a task, have a firm understanding of what you want the outcome to be. Use email to document the outcomes so that team members can refer back to the original intent.

  3. Understanding the obstacles. Make a thorough estimate of the current work situation, and the factors that might hinder or help the efforts of the people you're delegating to. This understanding will help you set realistic goals and timetables.

  4. Providing support. Make it known that you're available to help provide guidance if necessary. Never leave a person to "fend for themselves," and always respond promptly to instant messages and email concerning the project.

  5. Reviewing performance regularly. Ensure that everyone is clear and in agreement on the current progress of the project.



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